I’m Steven, a Digital Designer and Digital Coordinator from Leicestershire. Specialising in Digital Coordination and Digital Planning, Brand Identity Design and Development, Online Advertising and SEO Management.


Identity Design


Brand Management
Brand Development
Graphic Design

Digital Development


Digital Coordinator
Website Design
App Design

Email Marketing


Email Automation
Email Design
Email Development

SEO Management


SEO Planning
SEO Auditing

Online Advertising


PPC Coordinator
Advertising Management


I’m a passionate creative with over 10 years experience working within design agencies, internal marketing teams and as a freelancer. I currently work for The Qdos Group as a Digital Marketing Manager and Digital Coordinator.

Digital Coordinator

–  Brand Design Development & Management
–  Website Design & Development/App Design
–  Email Marketing/Design/Development
–  SEO Management, Planning & Auditing
–  Online Advertising, Design & Development
–  PPC Co-ordination
–  Marketing Strategy, Planning, Implementation, Development & Co-ordination

I attract freelance projects I tend to outside of normal working hours, please contact me if you have a freelance project you need a hand with. I also offer free freelancing to charities, again I’m happy to help out with a project to make a difference.


Vantage Rebrand

For the last few months we’ve been working on various rebranding projects. Qdos Vantage, a provider of Tax Fee Protection, updated their company name to Vantage Fee Protect and requested a rebrand for their company. I’ve experienced a few rebranding exercises, from my experience reasons for rebranding can include:

Client Update May 2018

Social Media Advertising and Brand Development I’ve had a very busy May, from social media advertising to developing an entirely new brand, it’s been full of exciting new opportunities. These are a few of the clients I’ve been working with.