Vantage Rebrand


For the last few months we’ve been working on various rebranding projects. Qdos Vantage, a provider of Tax Fee Protection, updated their company name to Vantage Fee Protect and requested a rebrand for their company. I’ve experienced a few rebranding exercises, from my experience reasons for rebranding can include: Continue reading “Vantage Rebrand”

GDPR Email Marketing


Designed by GDPR

The daunting GDPR regulation are set to go live from 25 May which has resulted in the frantic review of large data sets. For all who should be lucky enough to own big data, steps need to be taken to retain compliant data. Ultimately, reviewing data against the new regulations should see the birth of a new age of lean but extremely valuable data. For some years now, companies have boasted about the shear numbers they retain in their databases. However, the fake value has only resulted in engagement statistics leaving a lot to be desired. Continue reading “GDPR Email Marketing”

Qdos Office

An Employee Management System with a Difference

Qdos Office

‘Qdos Office is a revolutionary new HR software platform where you will find a complete range of tools to help support your company’s HR & Health and Safety requirements. HR & Health and Safety is made simple for you with our innovative tools enabling you to focus on your day job!’ Continue reading “Qdos Office”